Chow Truck Interviewed for Food Trucks In

When we were visiting food trucks in Salt Lake City, UT from April 12th to 14th, it took just a blink of an eye to learn that SuAn from the Chow Truck was not only one of the most respected food trucks in the area, but that she was also the first! This year, SuAn is in her 5th season with the truck. Unfortunately, SuAn and the Chow Truck were not out on the road when I was there but, fortunately, she invited us to her commissary to see her facility and meet her staff. She even had a couple of freshly made tacos waiting for us when we arrived! Very thoughtful! Then we just sat down and had a lovely conversation that we are happy to be sharing here:

Eric: You have an interesting journey from growing up in the restaurant business here in SLC, then leaving for NYC before coming back here to start a food truck. What was it that enticed you to open a food truck?

SuAn: I owned restaurants in SLC from 1985 to 1994. Then I left for New York to explore some opportunities in the fashion industry and real estate. I did not expect to get back into the food business but it comes naturally to me so when I came back to SLC, I was aware of the growing food truck movement elsewhere and…

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