Salt Lake Magazine announces Chow Ch ch changes

Chchchanges.  A private party last Sunday marked a big change for Salt Lake food lovers: SuAn Chow, owner of Chow Food Truck, celebrated the sale of her business to J.Looney with champagne and hors d’oeuvres.

Chow, of course, was the first food truck in Salt Lake City—SuAn was the pioneer who blazed the trail and ran the red tape for all the trucks that have followed. “When I started,” she said to her friends and co-workers sipping wine with her on Sunday, “City Hall did not know what to do with me.” In 2013, she won the Golden Spoon award for hospitality from this magazine for her perseverance and excellence.

Looney, a private chef and caterer, has worked on the Chow Truck so he understands exactly how to maintain the standards of food and service set by SuAn, “the boss lady,” and he says, “We have no plans to change anything.” So you can still count on your elk slider, calamari and spiced root chips. - Mary Malouf

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Chow Truck listed on 25 Best Things to Do in Salt Lake City

Aug 17, 2015

Chow Truck features Asian haute cuisine served from a local food truck. Chow Truck opens for lunch, closes for several hours in the afternoon, and reopens for dinner. The truck’s location varies, and Chow Truck updates their location schedule on their website each week.

With a menu of dishes that combine bold flavors with diverse textures, the Chow Truck cuisine classifies their fare as a California Asian fusion. Menu choices vary, ranging from Asian style tacos to calamari fried with lemon and cilantro. The food is served right out of the truck, meaning that diners are on their own for finding seating, and the environment changes daily.

Chow Truck Interviewed for Food Trucks In

When we were visiting food trucks in Salt Lake City, UT from April 12th to 14th, it took just a blink of an eye to learn that SuAn from the Chow Truck was not only one of the most respected food trucks in the area, but that she was also the first! This year, SuAn is in her 5th season with the truck. Unfortunately, SuAn and the Chow Truck were not out on the road when I was there but, fortunately, she invited us to her commissary to see her facility and meet her staff. She even had a couple of freshly made tacos waiting for us when we arrived! Very thoughtful! Then we just sat down and had a lovely conversation that we are happy to be sharing here:

Eric: You have an interesting journey from growing up in the restaurant business here in SLC, then leaving for NYC before coming back here to start a food truck. What was it that enticed you to open a food truck?

SuAn: I owned restaurants in SLC from 1985 to 1994. Then I left for New York to explore some opportunities in the fashion industry and real estate. I did not expect to get back into the food business but it comes naturally to me so when I came back to SLC, I was aware of the growing food truck movement elsewhere and…

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South Indian Chicken Curry Taco

We are excited to offer the new Chow of the Month created with Chef Tom. 

South Indian Chicken Curry Taco
Braised chicken with, ginger, cumin, garlic, spices tossed with cabbage, golden raisins & almonds garnished with cilantro & mint

Utah’s resident celebrity chef Tom Woodbury, aka “Chef Tom” appears nationally on Shop NBC, and in Utah on ABC 4. He also hosts a show on the mobile app “iCookbook” called “The Better Chef”.

Chef Tom earned his stripes at the Guadalupe River Ranch, an executive retreat near San Antonio, TX. His feature taco was inspired by his love of Indian food while traveling there. The taco is Loaded with flavors of a traditional south Indian curry. Watch for Tom on his weekly feature “Fresh & Easy Food” on ABC 4 every Wednesday during Good Things Utah.

Lessons of Chow Truck’s pioneering work in SLC’s mobile food truck movement

In the last three and a half years, SuAn Chow has proven a small cosmopolitan menu of tacos, sliders, and salads can drive success for a mobile food truck in a nascent community culture eager for unique dining experiences. More importantly, though, the Chow Truck also has embodied a solid business model for mobile food preparation and a well-developed sense of how food serves as a social bridge, which, when taken together, exemplify how incremental urbanism can rejuvenate a culture of satisfying city life.

In the 40 months since Chow, a veteran restaurateur who also worked in the fashion industry, took to the Salt Lake City streets in a brightly colored truck measuring 23 feet by 9 feet, she has overcome logistical, bureaucratic, and market challenges and concerns that have become essential ‘teaching moments’ for the city planners and economic development officials, brick-and-mortar restaurants, small business community, dining patrons, tourists, and, of course, the entrepreneurs who now run at any one time between 12 and 16 food trucks in the Salt Lake metropolitan area.

‘I developed the framework as I would do with any restaurant, never intending it to be a hobby or part-time business,’ Chow, who in the 1980s opened Charlie Chow’s restaurant. She moved to New York City in the 1990s to work as creative services director for the Joseph Abboud fashion brand lines. “I made sure of every detail before the truck hit the streets for the first time, including researching locations.”

The logistics were complicated because the city code did not account for Chow’s particular business operation – mobile in the purest sense of the word. She had to move every two hours and she could not…


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Featured Taco with Meditrina

We are excited to offer the new Chow of the Month created with Jennifer Gilroy of Meditrina. 

Meditrina’s style of dining is derived from the tradition of Spanish Tapas. They offer small plates crafted with fresh, local ingredients combined into creative recipes. You can also enjoy a carefully selected wines in their beautiful location.

The Chow Truck + Meditrina taco is lemon cumin beef with chimichurri cabbage, strawberry & balsamic vinegar garnish.